Bootstrap is completely new to me. I hadn’t even heard of it until my mentor, Chris Howlett mentioned it to me. I was more familiar with the skeleton framework which is based on Eric Meyer’s reset framework. While I like the idea of bootstrap, I find it clunky. It removes semantics and has me defining things as “col-8” instead of something more descriptive such as “main-content.” The way bootstrap is used is akin to seeing this in code:


MinutesInOneDay don’t really describe how you intend to use that parameter, or what it represents. But the latter are the reasons constants exist — for you to easily change the lockout duration. If you needed to change the lockout duration to 2 days, you’d now need to not only change the value of the constant, but also the name. Bootstrap is similar with the way it describes its classes…it’s easy to use, but it feels like it’d be a maintenance nightmare. Unfortunately, its community is large, themes are freely available, so I’ll be sticking with it until we find a Visual Designer — then he/she can decide.



Baby with weed

Hello, World!

Usually, I use “Hello, World!” only when trying a new programming language. It’s always amusing to know how many lines of code it takes to print Hello World in various languages. But this time, I mean it. I have never really had a blog (had a few test blogs to see what is this new thing people are after), so getting WordPress setup and then coming up with a logo took some time.


WordPress installation was easy, as usual. Most CPanel’s have Fantastico, which makes it a click of the button. After installation, it’s going through the  daunting task of finding a WordPress theme followed by creating a logo. I wanted a fairly simple theme – something I’ll replace later, and Origin seems great so far. I tried PageLines which offered the simplicity I was looking for, but it’s a lot for someone who has never used WordPress before. There is just so much you can customize with them with an ease of a button – it seemed more for people who aren’t tech savvy but know what WordPress is capable of / what they want out of it. Me, I just wanted a blog where I can throw in some words. PageLines is probably something to consider down the road, considering that I am not terribly interested in spending time to actually tweak WordPress at the moment.

Making a Logo

I was curious how making a logo for a website has changed in the past…5-10 years. Do people still download Photoshop CS trials (or pirated copies) to make these logos? I didn’t want to go through a huge download of Photoshop CS or suffer through having Photoshop on my hard drive for the simple purpose of making a darn logo. It turns out a lot of websites have turned up, and even some exclusive software (not free!) that are dedicated to making you a logo. reddit’s forhire section has a lot of people who are willing to (or looking for) people who make logos for $50-$100. Not bad. But still not something I want to spend on something I am not anticipating will make me money. I didn’t really want to try GIMP, which I find as daunting as Photoshop – I just want a simple logo! I am not a Graphic Artist. I don’t want to spend hours making a logo. I wanted something I can use in 10 minutes, something that lets me write colorful text. It appears there is a new Open-Source alternative to Photoshop: Paint.NET. It’s quite simple. It did take me only a few minutes.

Hello, World!

So here I am, world. Here to share my musings on parenting, technology, married life, Christianity, finance, and being a Canadian. Oh and the occasional recipe, because I do love to cook.