Last Day at PEER Group

This Friday will mark my last day at a wonderful company — PEER Group. I’ve been at PEER Group for four wonderful years; it has been an incredible journey. Looking back, I have grown so much personally and professionally. I am a nicer person. A caring person. A patient person. All because that is the kind of co-workers, managers, leaders, and even customers that I have been exposed to.

I am moving to Shopify, to chase my dream of eCommerce. I have no idea if Shopify will be just as awesome; it’s a bigger company. The interviews and interviewers have been great, but one never knows.

I’ve been¬†nervous about my transition but my current co-workers have been incredibly supportive. “You can always come back!” or “Don’t worry, you will love it.” or “Don’t worry, they will love you.”¬†That is how amazing my co-workers are. They see it as a wonderful move for me and are encouraging me to go after my dreams.