The celebration of baptism

I had promised that I would get baptized when my Dad would come to Canada. It has been nearly a year, and I am still not baptized. I have not even talked to our Pastor about it.

I really want to get baptized. My belief in God is undeniable. I believe in the way the Christ has shown us. I believe that God gave his only son to save us. There are a couple of theories that I disagree with, but for the most part, I am good.

What I now struggle with is baptism. The whole process of it is too beureaucratic. You got to meet the Pastor. A committee decides if you are fit to be baptized. You need to then announce/pick a date, and presumably invite people to it. You have to write some kind of testimony showing your conviction.

Can you imagine doing all of that in time of Christ? That you have to book a date and time to get baptized?

It would be neat if baptism was something you did unannounced. Where the pastor just went up, “Does anyone want to get baptized today?” or “We are going to be baptizing now. Please come up if you would like to get baptized.” Why does it have to be scheduled? Why do people have to approve? Why ask questions? It’s one thing to inform people on what baptism is, and entirely something else to confirm their understanding of what baptism. Why is there a need for a testimony? Why do I have to offer testimony to people, when baptism is something so personal…something between me and God. I suppose I don’t like the community affair it has become.

Let me be clear, I am not opposed to anyone witnessing my baptism. I just don’t want the ceremonial or celebratory parts of it. (This despite the fact that I like to plan things.) It feels unnatural. I don’t understand why baptisms are not offered openly. We are asked to walk with Christ openly, but when it comes to baptism…it’s turned into process where people have to “make sure”…ugh.