CIC’s background checks continue

// Published July 7, 2015 by Swati

And the checks continue. I thought we were close when I last posted about the update on my dad’s application. Nope. From the ‘RFV’ stage we went back to “needs further investigation” state. Basically, my dad has been trying to get to Canada for so long and has been trying so much, that they are really, really worried about why.

It does not matter that all his kids and grandkids are here. That his only family is here. Nope. He is suspicious apparently. (You know, a guy with no criminal record; I don’t even think he has speeding tickets under his name.)

It’s just downright pathetic now when someone asks me “So, what happened to your dad’s application?” You know, the application you started six years ago? And my default response, “still waiting….for criminal review.” His medicals and criminal checks are going to expire again soon (for the third time!), so we will be doing them again.

To think, 5 years ago, I first introduced him to his first grandchild on his 50th birthday. This year, I will be taking the kids to him again for his 55th birthday! I fear that I will be doing this again on his 60th birthday and my kids would have grown without a large influence from a man who had such a great influence on my life. They are going to grow without knowing my father.

I am feeling so much apathy towards the Harper government. My local Conservative MP has been helpful in that they have always contacted the CIC on my behalf, but there has not been a concrete answer on what is taking so long. Nothing. It is just status updates. I am tired of waiting. As much as is wrong with NDP, my temptation is to vote for them for incredibly selfish reasons — because they are prioritizing family reunification:

Instead of treating the immigration system as a source of cheap labour, the Conservatives must implement an immigration plan that will strengthen our country and our economy,” said Sims. “We need to see a real plan to reunite families with their loved ones. Families build communities and are the backbone of our country.

I really want to see my father here. I have been waiting for too long. I want to move on.