February Fitness Review

// Published April 3, 2015 by Swati

My report on February’s fitness review, based on the goals I set out.


Exercise 16 different times
I did the group fitness weekly, but skipped Pilates entirely. I didn’t do anything during Blue Mountain and only got a total of 4 runs the entire month. Overall this was a terrible month for fitness.

40 miles of running/walking (64.3 km)
I didn’t do this 🙁  I didn’t even get to 20 miles — I was at 17. Blue Mountain really screwed up my schedule 🙁

Accomplish pace of 0:09:00/km for walking/running
I did this!  I actually accomplished a pace of 0:07:50/km, which is something I didn’t even dream of. I am very proud of this!

Be able to do a twenty minute run
Accomplished 😉


I am finding that changes in schedules don’t help me very well. Blue Mountain spun me around for a good month. I like consistency.