Tears of Joy

// Published February 6, 2015 by Swati

We received the GCMS notes regarding my dad’s file today. Something has actually happened. Although we haven’t recieved anything from CIC, there is something happening, and perhaps in the near future we might actually get a request for a passport so Dad can get a visa!

Office – Location
File sent to Mississauga in February 2009.
CPC Mississauga, In Transit (Jan 2012)
Buffalo, Registry (Feb 2012)
Buffalo, FCU (March 2012)
Buffalo, Registry (March 2012)
Buffalo, B189 (June 2012)
CPC-O Case Processing Centre Ottawa, Registry-Buffalo (July 2012)
Buffalo, In Transit (July 2012)
CPC-O Case Processing Centre Ottawa, FC4 (August 2012)
CPC-O Case Processing Centre Ottawa, In Transit (October 2012) – File is being transferred as he is out of status in US
New Delhi, Registry (November 2012)
New Delhi, SAxxxx (March 2013) – this officer requested that file should be moved to DM status
New Delhi, DMxxxx (May 2013) – this officer decided no, we should do regular processing
New Delhi, FCU-CA Room (May 2013) – this person, or the person after, decided that since my dad has been trying to enter Canada so much (first as Federal Skilled Worker in 2000 and then on my wedding in 2009), that he wants birth certificate and proof of relationship.
New Delhi, FCU-PA (May 2013)
New Delhi, Registry (May 2013)
New Delhi, SCxxxx (July 2014) (note the one year delay, this is the next year!)
New Delhi, FCU-DIS,Open (July 2014)
New Delhi, SNxxxx (September 2014) – requested medicals again (as they expired now), and to send file for criminal check
New Delhi, FCU-STR (September 2014)
New Delhi, FCU-PA (November 2014) – they actually made the request here, because we inquired via email on what they are waiting for
New Delhi, Registry (November 2014) – everything received and they forwarded to FCU-FCR (criminal review? not sure)
New Delhi, FCU-FCR (November 2014)
New Delhi, FCU-RFV (December 2014) – on New Year’s eve, no less! I can’t believe someone was working that day…

RFV means that the file is now in the “request for visa” stage.

I actually cried when I saw this. I have no idea how long this process will take; I have no idea when we will actually get the request, but the fact that there is progress…is amazing. God is good!

I pray that all of this comes to a good conclusion. We have been waiting for so long! I pray that emails are not lost, passport is not lost, a visa is given without issue and passports are returned, and we can go across to pick up my father. What a day that would be!