My Bible group, my therapist

// Published February 25, 2015 by Swati

Bible study went great today. We studied Philippians 4. Jane had been interested in the passage, and she picked it. Sadly, she wasn’t actually able to make it to the study today because of night shift ;(

I didn’t think the passage had much, but as usual, the group finds something. We came up with two application questions:

  • Do you have a tiff with somebody in your life, that you would get called out on, such as the tiff between Euodia and Syntyche?
  • Are you content, such as Paul is in the passage, regardless of what conditions you are in?

I concluded that I don’t really have a tiff with anyone. Anyone that I had tiffs with, do not really exist in my life anymore anyway.

The contentedness was  an interesting one. I am content, and I mentioned how it confuses me on how one must be ambitious yet content. Jon is very good at that. You can tell he is very content with life, but that doesn’t stop him from being ambitious.

In the end we concluded that ambition merely takes you to a different stage of contentedness, and that you indeed can be content and still ambitious. There is a thing as over-ambitious, and that is where you lose contentedness.

It was a good discussion. We yap way more than we study the Bible, but I feel that we address things that we struggle with. I am so grateful that I have this group!