January Fitness Review

// Published February 7, 2015 by Swati

I thought it would be good to do how my progressing on my fitness goals for the month of January. First, let’s begin with what I had set out to accomplish.

Goals for January

January is about preparing for my race! Couch to 8K is absolutely insane in this time period, but a girls’ got to try!

Exercise 15 different times
Five weekends in January, so 3x a week = 15 times, with each session lasting 30-50 minutes.

40 miles of running/walking (64.3 km)
My goal for January was to accomplish 40 miles of treadmill, starting off with 6 miles a week and ending with 10.5 miles a week (increasing gradually).

Accomplish pace of 0:09:00/km for walking/running
Running disqualifies at less than 0:10:00/km so I’d like to do a whee bit better than “disqualify.” This is a decent one to work on. My current pace is 0:10:15/km.

Be able to do a five minute run 6x
I am starting off with doing runs in 60 second sprints – the goal is to do 5 minutes continuously! Ideally, I should be able to do six 5 minute runs over 3.5 miles but let’s see 🙂


Exercised (13 for running, 2 pilates, 2 group fitness) (+2 of goal)
I started off hoping to get 15 running sessions, but with pilates and group fitness, it had to spread out a little bit. Overall I got 19 exercising sessions in – which is amazing! I’d love to be able to keep this up, and perhaps accomplish the running of 3x a week!

27 miles of running/walking 
I started really strong, but towards the end found it challenging to fit in running/walking with Pilates going on Tuesdays and Cardio at work going on Wednesday. I also had trouble with my left hip and took a whole week off. I was falling behind, so the number of miles I was doing by the end per run was also lower. Still, 27 miles is a huge accomplishment for me.

Accomplished pace of 0:09:23/km for walking/running
So I am 23 seconds higher per km, but this is still progress. I shaved off 52 seconds per kilometer!

Did a five minute run 3x
Okay, so not the 6x that I wanted to (probably because I wasn’t running much at the end anyway), but this was still progress. Going from being “tired” of running for 60 seconds to 5 minutes is huge. In a month, no less!


Overall, I know I could have done better, but I did pretty good nevertheless. The last two weeks were pretty stressful, for a reason that I cannot even remember anymore. I just know that they were, I wasn’t sleeping well (going to bed really late), eating was all over the place, etc. etc. But alas, we fall, we rise.

Things to aim for in Feburary

Exercise 16 different times
I accomplished 3.4/week last month, so lets see if I can hit 4/week. Pilates and group fitness run weekly, so that means really exercising 2 additional times a week on my own.

40 miles of running/walking (64.3 km)
I didn’t hit this last month (short by 13 miles), but hopefully this month I can.

Accomplish pace of 0:09:00/km for walking/running
Running disqualifies at less than 0:10:00/km so I’d like to do a whee bit better than “disqualify.” My current pace is 0:09:23/km.

Be able to do a twenty minute run
This sounds insane typing it out. Logically, it should be two-20 minute runs, but that sounds even more insane. Doing 20 minutes continuously, however, I view that as a massive accomplishment.

Also, most importantly, my goal: Finish the race!