A baby shower for the 7th baby…and my phone drowned

// Published February 9, 2015 by Swati

Today was the day – we had a baby shower for Lucy! I think we spent around $400 (Jane probably around $100, me $100, and $200 collected from church and community). I think all of us were mesmerized by how much stuff we were able to get for Lucy – from the car seat to the exersaucer to all the other goodies.

All the presents

I was thankful that so many of the ladies from the church played the games that we had put out. These ladies sure are competitive!

Guess the baby food game

 Lucy and her daughters were surprised and overwhelmed by the event. I am not sure what they expected, but each of the daughters gave a speech telling us how loved and cared for they feel.

Lucy, family, and friends

 I am so glad that as a team, Julie, Jane, and I could work together to create this event. Julie kept thanking me as the brains behind it, but honestly, without Jane running around the town picking up all these deals…or without Julie organizing the event and sort of being the “glue” to make sure that everything comes together…this would not be possible.

I am so thankful for everyone who participated, who donated, and who helped us make this event possible. Look what a difference we made….I didn’t even get upset that I dropped my Nexus 5 in the toilet and that it is no more…