Victim blaming and Paris attacks

// Published January 8, 2015 by Swati

My husband and I frequently disagree on rape victims and when it’s their fault that they were raped. In the nicest way possible, my husband explains how he doesn’t have sympathy for a person who is raped because they decided to walk in a skimpy dress in a dark alley in a bad part of town. Or even when someone gets drunk enough, leaves their drink, etc, etc. He isn’t trying to vindicate the criminal, he just doesn’t feel as much sympathy.

My husband is also slightly Islam-o-phobic, or well, he does believe more should be done to contain the extremism that Islam brings about. He is irritated how Islam and Muslims are given so much media silence (“don’t offend the Muslims”), and well, having never actually read the Quran, he sticks with all it says is to kill the infidels.

So I brought up the Paris Charlie Hebdo shootings.  I pointed out that just like he thinks that it’s partly the girl’s fault walking in a skimpy outfit in a bad neighborhood, perhaps Charlie Hebdo shootings were instigated because they decided to publish something offensive to a group of people that don’t understand satire at all.

See, how that doesn’t work? Fear shouldn’t be the reason someone doesn’t do something. It’s not the victimized who have to change, it’s those committing the crime that have to be brought in line.  Twelve brave souls who stood up against extremism were killed in the Charlie Hebdo shootings. Nobody except ignorant extremists blamed the Hebdo victims. Nobody.

Yet when a woman walks down a dark alley…