The road that lies ahead

// Published January 16, 2015 by Swati

I am using a modified version of Couch to 5K and am on Week 3. It requires a massive pace change, and has equal running and walking time.

The last 3 minutes were brutal. I was thinking to myself, “There is a real possibility that I cannot do this.” Or “Why would I even do this to myself?”

I walked the last 3 minutes, and then came downstairs to log the time in my spreadsheet. Once that was done, checked my email, etc. and saw that my in-laws had pledged money to the race. I was speechless.

I didn’t expect that at all. I was in awe and shock. If I hadn’t sweat so much while running, I would have teared up. Someone really believes in me, and they are willing to put money on that.

I thought it would be a stretch to raise $50. I am at $75 now. There is money riding on me.

Looking forward to the next practice, to conquering, to achieving!