Read my mind! Or cognizant…

// Published January 10, 2015 by Swati

Jon and I had the oddest argument ever last night.

So Jon was going to be gone all day today for a friend’s birthday in Toronto. No worries, we both have these kind of things…and it’s not a problem at all. I had thought that maybe the kids and I could go to IKEA while he is paintballing. (Because IKEA > Paintball).

For some odd reason, he had an inkling to go do groceries at 7 PM on a Friday night. This is odd for us; we usually go on Saturdays. I figured that we could just do it when we’re in Toronto (their Costco may have the tomato sauce we want…). He said he wanted meat or something. I told him to take the kids with him to the store, I’d like some “me-time” while they’re gone — after all, I’ll be with them all day tomorrow.

He didn’t really want to, but agreed. So then he asks me to get the girls ready — put their coat/boots/hat/mitts on. I was in the middle of something and told him so. Getting them ready is not so much work; Grace is very self-sufficient and only needs help with zipping up her coat. Emma…she is a fair bit of work. Her motto is, “Why take 1 minute when you can take 10?” The kids offered to get themselves ready and Emma was even rushing, but Jon did not want to do anything at all! We got into an argument; he refused to even zip up Grace’s coat. He said since I am not helping, he is not taking the kids, and then left me with two balling kids (who really wanted to go).

He is waiting for an apology.

After the argument that he indicated it wasn’t right of me to not help because he gets them ready at school (he picked them up from school, he always does, 3x a week) and packs them in the car, and just gets tired of doing it over and over again. He said it shouldn’t be too much to ask me to do it.

I agree with the last part. It shouldn’t be too much! It’s a really small thing to do, which is why it was confusing to me on why he is interrupting me to do it. Honestly, I would’ve done it if he just told me from the get-go that he is tired of doing it all the time because he does it in the school.

So many assumptions eh? He is assuming that I am living his life and know that he is tired of it. And I am failing to recall what his day has been like, or to be cognizant of the fact that he maybe tired. It’s not his fault; he is fairly cognizant of others, so he just expects that of others. It’s just something I don’t think of.

I haven’t apologized yet.

I am not sure what to apologize about without telling him how it’s not something I thought about, and that in the future, it would be helpful if remembered that I can’t read minds…but will work on it 😉