Parenting by example

// Published January 1, 2015 by Swati

I was grateful this year to have spent New Year’s Day with a church family. I met them in my previous life group; the wife and I share quite similar pasts. Whereas I may have more or less overcome many of my hurdles, her past is very much still in her present. Where I’ve been fortunate enough to literally leave my past behind, there is much unresolved in her life.

They are quite beautiful people, and I think absolutely delightful parents. You can see it in their child, who is very polite and kind. I can’t believe someone so small is capable of so much kindness! I recall having a conversation with my friend (the kid’s mother) on the phone once and her son was playing something loud in the background. Usually I’d be the mom who’d be going, “Grace, stop!”, but she quietly excused herself, explained to her son that what he is doing is making a loud noise which is making it difficult for her to hear on the phone. She did this very calmly and patiently. It was quite amazing. I know, I know — this is what every parenting book says, this is the way we are suppose to do it. It was just nice to see it in practice.

No matter how many parenting books we read, the best way  (for me, I guess), is to see it in practice. To see that it is possible. Everything else is just a theory.

Although I am not certain on how many interests we share (our two families are quite different), I am really hoping to learn lots from them. They are very mature, kind people…and I am grateful that I’ve been given the opportunity to learn that from them.