If we won’t help, who will?

// Published January 6, 2015 by Swati

There is a troubled kid, and helping it is too much of an emotional, financial, mental price. A family member has started dating someone with a troubled past and present. Someone who wasn’t as privileged as the rest of us. The consensus has agreed that the best thing to do is to leave it, to not get into it, that she is straying him away from God.

It’s costly you know. Investing in a relationship that may never ripen is very costly. We must know that there is a reward in something to invest in it. Is that God’s way? I don’t know.

What would Jesus do? Would he help a broken soul, who may not even want help? Is it her fault that she doesn’t want help? Would you want help after 20 some years of life if every help until than has brought you pain, hurt, and betrayal?

“She cannot change.”

“He should play hero another day.”

I get those. I do. But my heart pains, I feel torn. I feel torn because my life couldn’t be what it is, if someone else gave up on me. It’s hard enough being broken, but for others to say that you cannot be mended? For others to reject you because you come with so baggage?

“We cannot do more than what we have resources for.”

But we are God’s people. We have our faith in him. If he is with us, then aren’t our resources infinite? If God is with us, why are we so afraid of helping? If it’s too much for us, will God not provide? Is our faith so weak?

We are so worried about losing things that we cherish. We are so worried about being careful. We must protect all that we have. It’s as if, in a jiffy, we’ve thrown out this whole God thing. We’ve ascertained that we don’t really trust in him. And then we wonder why she is so anti-God?

I love you God. Give me strength, please provide direction. I am so afraid of tarnishing the beautiful life I have. I am so afraid of tainting the sweet milk you have provided me with. Please give me the strength to share you. Please let me not be afraid. Please let me trust in you. Please take my worries and let me live life with a smile. Please.