Golden Turtle

// Published January 18, 2015 by Swati

We were suppose to get together with Al & Debbie & family and Jamie & Natasha & family. We got home late yesterday, so didn’t really get to prepare anything…we figured we could pull of soup and sandwiches. They were bringing salads, so it should be a good, hearty meal. Of course, what’s planned doesn’t happen!

Al & Debbie had a rough weekend, with Al pulling in some extra hours at work. So they bowed out. Jamie & Natasha didn’t have time to prepare a salad and were going to go buy one….so, I figured we could just go out to eat. Weather wasn’t too great for them driving in and they didn’t want to stay too long anyway.

We took them to Golden Turtle. I was introduced to it a few weeks ago by another friend. Great place.  Their rice paper spring rolls aren’t too great (too much lettuce, not enough/or no basil), but their stir fry with black bean sauce is really amazing. Prices are very reasonable too.

We also invited Enoch and Innocent from church, two people that I’ve never really conversed with before. Jamie, Natasha, Enoch, and Innocent – neither had been to a Pho place before! This was all news to them. Jon suggested a soup (101, their soup special ) for them to order, and that’s what Jamie and Enoch got. I am pretty sure before they got the meal, everyone was going “Soup? You brought me out to eat soup?” Of course, they had no idea what Pho soup was all about…

They loved the soup and appreciated the freshness and heartiness of the meal. He couldn’t believe how huge it was and that he was struggling to finish it because it was so filling. He praised it graciously.

I also ordered some spring rolls. Enoch had never had a spring roll. I was shocked and amazed at the same time. “What have you been eating all this time??” They joked on how we should create a group which “takes us around the world” – via ethnic food in the city.

Jon and I have definitely developed reputation of foodies. We both love exploring food…he looks for the meat, and I look for the vegetarian options. I am so grateful for that. I am so grateful that we were given the opportunity to introduce people to something new that’s good.