God gives hope

// Published January 23, 2015 by Swati

In the evening, I went to visit our Congolese friends from church, Lucy and her family. Lucy is a 35-year old single mom. She gave birth to her 7th kid a few days ago; her relationship with the father of the baby broke off some time ago. 4 of Lucy’s babies are with her late husband (killed in a war in Congo), and 2 are with another (who ran away when they were in Congo). He doesn’t work, so there isn’t much to do there.

Many people judge Lucy; “why is she having more kids?” Few realize that birth control is a matter of education. These same people apparently have trouble bringing the topic with her. I straight up asked her if she wanted to have more kids and if she knew about tubal ligation. She said she really doesn’t want more kids and was already planning to talk to the doctor to learn more about birth control in this country.

Either way, despite the rough life they live (Lucy is a self-employed cleaner at a local University), they are just immensely grateful people. These are people who have to call their car insurance for a month because it’s too expensive to have it when she is not working. She didn’t have fresh fruit in her house, because they hadn’t been to get groceries.

Her eldest daughter and her were just so delighted to have our company. They never stopped praising God and talking about how God has provided for them in every way. Their gratefulness was truly amazing. They sang songs of praise! They speak of how, although life is hard here, they have an opportunity at a future here. That they can think about not just tomorrow, but life 3, 5, 10 years from now. There is hope of life getting better.

I was amazed. I was reminded of how wonderful my life is; how  the future is not something I worry about — I know it’s there. I take my future for granted. I am glad I live in a place which can offer me so much hope for a future that I can take it for granted.