Finding friends

// Published January 11, 2015 by Swati

Just recently, good friends of ours moved to the US. It hit me pretty hard; they were a nice couple, and we had similar-aged kids. Our kids loved hanging out with their kids and vice-versa. Unfortunately, my friend (the dad) got laid off and the despite an offer of a job from my company, he felt that it was a good time to move. So he did.

We miss him a lot. I thought about what we would do with the hole in our family outings – this was the family we went camping with, did many day trips and picnics with…it was really nice. We were meshing well together.

I’ve been blessed with Natasha and her family, however, it was clear that I was pushing Natasha into camping. But God provides, doesn’t he? She introduced us to another couple with similar aged kids, and together with them and Natasha — this camping trip may happen! I am very excited about that.

Camping is so much more fun in a large group, and the opportunity for local friends in the area is really nice too. Parenting by village 😉