Facebook is not the place to speak your mind!

I’ve recently added a whole new set of people on my facebook — members of my church family. Facebook is no longer a place to post my thoughts and opinions, as it turns out that people are really easily offended.

Becoming a Canadian Citizen is more expensive now and a lot of people are calling this a new tax, which is baffling to me. The fee has been increased to match what it actually costs. It’s the second year it’s being done because initially the fee was $100. Instead of going from $100 to $500, they decided to do $100->$300->$500. The $100 fee has been in place since 1995!

I am not sure what people expect here. If we don’t change the fee, then other Canadians are on the hook for paying for to-be-Canadians to become citizens. In fact, if the fees are not increased, then taxes are actually increased. If the fees are kept at what they are, then whoever is using the service pays for it.

Is the argument that the poor can no longer become Canadian Citizens? Frankly, most people in position to fly into this country and then quality for citizenship are usually economically well off. The only exception to these are refugees.

As an economic immigrant myself, I feel no sympathy for those struggling to become a citizen. Heck, even for those brought in with family…get the family to pay. However, I hold refugees very close to my heart. The world is a terrible place, and these guys are constant reminders me to me on why we must keep fighting. Our church supports a few refugees rescued from Congo, and hearing their stories is heart-wrenching.

I do think refugee fees should be either entirely waived, or there should be a private fund (setup by members of community) to support these refugees for applying for citizenship.

But everybody else? Stop leeching.