A busy body

// Published January 31, 2015 by Swati

What a day today!

What a busy, busy and fruitful day today…and the morning and evening were so different. We started off with having Lucy and her family over. I was worried it would be awkward; inviting someone over for the purpose to get to know them at all…with few interests. I have no idea why this family is important to me, I just know that it is.

It was truly a great day. We started early in the morning and had all the meals ready by noon. I went to pick the kids up since their vehicle isn’t big enough for all of them. They still thought that they were coming to my house to clean and weren’t super enthused, but still excited in a way.

Nothing prepared for them when they were finally at our house. They couldn’t believe how huge our house was. They ate like kings and queens and truly showed the appreciation of the food. They filled up their plates and praised the food over and over again. It was lovely having them, it was lovely just talking to them, and just having them.

They’ve been through so much. So much. Their faith in God is unshakable. Their gratitude is amazing. I can’t believe that they are in my life and that they are allowing me in theirs. My only regret is that I had to ask them to depart early so I could go to my evening engagement.

Evening was nice too. So many cousins and family. It’s nice being part of this. It’s so nice, I don’t even know how to begin expressing it. It’s amazing knowing that there are so many people who care for me and love me, and who if I need, are there for me.

I didn’t know that this is a life that I could have had, and I don’t know if this life was possible without a God. Honestly, genuinely, I don’t think so. True, so much had to go wrong for all the wrong in my life…but so much had to go right for all the right in my life.