In memory of Lawrence Zavitz

// Published January 2, 2015 by Swati

Today, I attended a funeral. He was the brother of a lovely aunt, and I know that if he was anything like her, he was an all around amazing person.

He was 52 years old, and died suddenly after his plane crashed in a dense fog, on Christmas Eve. He was coming home for Christmas, but this time, it wasn’t the home that we all thought it would be.

I had met him more than a few times. I am pretty sure he even stayed overnight once at our house when he was getting his computer fixed by my brother-in-law. Either way, I clearly remember preparing a meal for him! He was a nice man, friendly, not the one to complain about my haphazard meal preparation. I was grateful for his gratitude.

He was an inspiration to many; his funeral saw an attendance of over 300, and his visitation nearly 1000. His family has been mourning for a long time…he died in the US, so it took a long time for his body to make his way here.I feel immense sorrow for his family, especially his wife and daughter. He is also outlived by his mother and father; and that’s the kind of pain I really can’t imagine.

I feel inspired by hearing stories about him. He was a man of few words, who avoided all the fluff and nonsense. He wasn’t bent on details, just the big picture. My favourite quote was something along the lines of “Carry your own weight, and then pick up some slack.” That’s a great quote. Less whining, do what you must and then some more.

It’s strange to feel so much sorrow for someone who I barely knew, but I do. He was a positive man, and losing those is always a tragedy in this rough world.