Enter your date of birth

I sponsored my father for permanent residence in Canada in….2009. Or 2008. It was far back enough that I can’t recall the exact year anymore. I’ve married since then, had kids, changed jobs, bought a house…either way. As most applicants waiting, I check the status of the application obsessively. Recently, CIC changed their website by making it more “modern.” It means that it takes me more clicks to get to the page I need to and I have to resort to bookmarks, but hey, their page looks better now.

Except they forgot to update some things around the website.

Year first or month first?

I always wondered who is responsible for testing this kind of stuff. Frankly, I don’t know how a developer missed it. My guesses are:

  • They are using some kind of a templating system which generates date fields, and they just changed the view in a central place (or a big search and replace?)
  • Since they have to be bilingual, they probably have their label values in a separate file — so when the date field was updated in code, the label value wasn’t visible in code, and hence, missed.
  • There is only so much a QA team can test.

I am not sure if this is something you can or evenĀ should write test cases for. Not sure if it’s even worthy of a bug report. It’s just unprofessional due to lack of attention to detail.