Bootstrap is completely new to me. I hadn’t even heard of it until my mentor, Chris Howlett mentioned it to me. I was more familiar with the skeleton framework which is based on Eric Meyer’s reset framework. While I like the idea of bootstrap, I find it clunky. It removes semantics and has me defining things as “col-8” instead of something more descriptive such as “main-content.” The way bootstrap is used is akin to seeing this in code:


MinutesInOneDay don’t really describe how you intend to use that parameter, or what it represents. But the latter are the reasons constants exist — for you to easily change the lockout duration. If you needed to change the lockout duration to 2 days, you’d now need to not only change the value of the constant, but also the name. Bootstrap is similar with the way it describes its classes…it’s easy to use, but it feels like it’d be a maintenance nightmare. Unfortunately, its community is large, themes are freely available, so I’ll be sticking with it until we find a Visual Designer — then he/she can decide.